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Wuxi Shenkang Medical Instrument Equipment Co., located in Heqiao Town of Yixing City,which is known as"the ancient capital of pottery,the ocean of bamboo,the world of cave and the oasis of tea".East to Taihu Lake.north to Yangtze River and Hu-Ning
Highway,our company enjoys convenient transportation.
Our company is specialized in the production of three types of abdominal surgical instruments,implants and othermedical devices.Approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Jiangsu Province,Now,we have 5 ngineers、20 undergraduates.56 technicians and a 8000-square-meter clean workshop.On the basis of GB/T19001-2008 idtl ISO9001:2000 and IS013485-2003 international quality management system standards,we have established a whole-process quality management system,for designing,manufacturing,training and serving.
We mainly produce disposable tube-type stapler,disposable anal-intestinal stapler,SY-XFY Series disposable linear stitch.disposable linear cutter stapler and so on.
Wuxi Shenkang Medical Instrument Equipment CO.,LTD.
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